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The 1/9 Marines Structure!

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The 1/9 Marines Structure! Empty The 1/9 Marines Structure!

Post by S. Tompkins [1/9MAR] on Sun May 12, 2013 5:33 pm

The 1/9 Marines Structure! Appb-2

The First Battalion, Ninth Marines as a realism unit will be following a very similar rule of thumb that modern day forces within the USMC use. What does that mean? Simple! We're using a downsized version of their setup. So let's explain it to you as the player, so you can understand where you may fit in!

From Battalion, to Player
  • Battalion (Our Entire Unit)

  • Company (A Company consists of 3 Platoons, as well as a Company Commander, Executive Officer, Company Sergeant, Company NCO.)
    (136 Players When Full)

  • Platoon (A Platoon consists of 3 Squads, with a Platoon Leader, a Platoon Sergeant.)
    (44 Players When Full)

  • Squad (A Squad consists of 3 Fireteams, as well as a Squad Leader, and Assisting Leader)
    (14 Players When Full)

  • Fireteam (A Player is only as good as his immediate team! A Fireteam consists of 4 Players.)
    (4 Players When Full)

  • Player (Numero Uno, it's you big guy. You, and your Rifle.)

Pretty simple, right? There's plenty of room for YOU as the player to earn your place. No matter the circumstances, every position will be earned by a Marine within our Battalion, if you feel you're prepared to earn your place. Enlist today!

Second Lieutenant Samuel Tompkins
First Platoon
Bravo Company
First Battalion, Ninth Marines
Eighth Marine Regiment
Second Marine Division
S. Tompkins [1/9MAR]
S. Tompkins [1/9MAR]
Second Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant

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