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[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment

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[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment Empty [Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment

Post by F. Sup [1/9MAR] on Mon May 20, 2013 12:52 am

General information

Name: Francisco Alfaro
[b]Age + Birth date (1995/02/28):18
[b]Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:29777223
[b]Account name (Steam sign in name):Javi5551
[b]Country:United States
[b]Timezone: CDT
[b]Were you Recruited by anyone, if so, by whom?: S. Buns
[b]Favorite weapon or perfected weapon: M16
[b]Are you a leader or a good follower?: Follower

What position in a fire team would you serve best as?

[b]-Point (First into the fight, leads the team in clearing areas.)
-Rifleman (Fast action rifle pinning and sniping)
-Support (Helping in advances by providing cover fire and grenade support)
-Tactical Overseer (Leader)

Answer: Support


Realism Experience:
Past Units:
Ranks held in past Units:
Reference (An old Captain or Lieutenant who can vouch for you):

~Signed~ "Francisco Alfaro"

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F. Sup [1/9MAR]

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[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment Empty Re: [Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment

Post by S. Tompkins [1/9MAR] on Mon May 20, 2013 2:57 am

Hello Francisco Alfaro,

Welcome to the forums of the The Walking Dead Realism Unit.

We thank you for taking interest in this Unit and we hope that by enlisting, you will stay active in games we play and on the forums. Being active in both will demonstrate your commitment to this unit and will greatly increase your chances of receiving a promotion within the ranks of this Battalion. We offer many ways to receive a promotion; some because of leadership and teamwork, some because of technical skills and proficiency in held staff positions. It is imperative that you follow the rules laid down by this unit, if you fail to do so, you will be punished by demerit and/or discharged for your actions. We hope that you are aware of what Realism is, it may be quite different from what you might expect coming into this unit.

If you have any questions please contact any of the Commissioned Officers, your Recruitment Liaison, Recruiter, or an Adjutant Officer, all whom are willing to help you.

Upon entering the First Battalion, of the Ninth Marines, you are required to read the Handbook. You will be restricted to the use of the M16 Rifle during practice Ops until after your Boot Camp Assignment.
For more information regarding weapons and the restrictions; please read the handbook.

Your Boot Camp will be completed on the appointed dates found here, by the following individuals:

Rank/Name --- Steam Login (to quick add them to steam, you can also click their login to go to their community page)
Your Forum Display name will be changed to:
F. Sup [1/9MAR]

Your Forum Log-In name will change to the above.
Your Forum Log-In password will remain the same.

Your In-Game Name should be:
Pvt. F. Sup [1/9 0##]

After reading this, please reply to this topic to Check-In.
(NOTE: Your forum name will not change till you have checked in correctly.
If you fail to check in within 2 days of your application being accepted, you will be rejected.
Additionally, you must wait at least 1 week before completing your BC Assignment.
Your BC Assignment must be completed between 1-2 weeks from the day you are accepted UNLESS you're under a special case, by which your enlistment papers will say as such.
If you do not complete your BC within 2 weeks, you will be rejected.

[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment Logo2qd

Welcome to the brotherhood of the First Battalion, Ninth Marines!

Second Lieutenant Samuel Tompkins
First Platoon
Bravo Company
First Battalion, Ninth Marines
Eighth Marine Regiment
Second Marine Division
S. Tompkins [1/9MAR]
S. Tompkins [1/9MAR]
Second Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant

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[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment Empty Re: [Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment

Post by F. Sup [1/9MAR] on Mon May 20, 2013 3:06 am

I has Replied

F. Sup [1/9MAR]

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[Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment Empty Re: [Accepted] F. Sup Enlistment

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